Allan Dodds Frank


Donald Trump’s All-Star Sexual Harassers Team

By Allan Dodds Frank

In real “Locker Room Talk,” the sexual braggarts are almost never talking about fantasy feel-ups. They are keeping score of conquests and attempted conquests.

In this story, allow me to take you into Donald Trump’s All-Star Locker Room to introduce his teammates and outline briefly the alleged histories of their all-star conduct with women. Their number is more than enough to fill the starting five of a basketball team, maybe enough to have a starting nine for a baseball team and, if I had enough time and space, I may even be able to deliver you a full 11-man football line-up of the Trump team sexual harassers and abusers.

When Donald Trump attempts to slither away from his remarks about trying to get into the panties of “Access Hollywood” host Nancy O’Dell, his admission of failure is the real measure of truth and what he did.

At the second debate, referring to his detailed description of his full force come-on to “No, No Nancy” O’Dell, Trump dismissed the video tape, saying “It’s just words. Folks, it is just words.”

The second line of defense by Trump was that Bill Clinton has said far more sexist things to him on the golf course. Then the Trump campaign insisted this “locker room talk” to Billy Bush about his female co-host occurred 11 years ago and therefore should be dismissed as ancient history.

How odd is the argument that the statute of limitations has run on Trump’s behavior?  A primary tenet of the Trump campaign as argued by Rudolph Giuliani and others is that Hillary Clinton should be barbequed for events that occurred at least 20 years ago? So here is my line-up.

        1. The leadoff hitter: Rudolph Giuliani – Chief Trump Apologist and Would-be Clinton Prosecutor.

His first wife was his second cousin, a fact he allegedly did not know for years until their genetic proximity became the reason he gave for seeking an annulment from the Catholic Church nearly 10 years after they were married. His second wife, Donna Hanover, was a New York City television anchorwoman who learned from watching a Mayor Giuliani press conference that he was leaving her for Judith Nathan. Thus Giuliani became her third husband as she became his third wife. In the interest of full disclosure, Giuliani should unseal his divorce settlements.

*The bonus for the New York City public was the Giuliani appointment of Bernie Kerik as Commissioner of the Department of Corrections and the later promotion of Kerik to Police Commissioner.  Kerik’s real value, of course, was his loyal performance as the police driver who enabled Giuliani to carry on with Nathan and avoid detection by Hanover for years. Kerik had a highly publicized affair with book publisher Judith Regan, then stalked her and threatened her after she left him. Kerik served four years in federal prison for unrelated tax fraud and bribery-related charges.

        2. Steve Bannon

The Trump campaign CEO and executive chairman of the rightwing conspiracy website, Breitbart News Network, Bannon also is the Chief Architect of the “Hate Obama and Slime Clinton” campaign strategy. In 1995, when he was an executive in Arizona with the company that was running the Biosphere, a female worker accused him of sexual harassment. When his wife, Mary Louise Picard sought a divorce and threatened to take the couple’s twin children, Bannon allegedly attacked her. In court papers, she said: “I took the phone to call the police and he grabbed the phone away from me throwing it across the room, and breaking it as he [was] screaming that I was a ‘crazy f—ing c–t!.”

        3. Roger Ailes Former Fox News Chairman & CEO.

“Mr. Fair & Balanced” has been Trump’s most important image enhancer, media advisor and cable news promoter-in-chief.

Fox News fired Ailes after the network confirmed the claims made by anchorwoman Gretchen Carlson when she detailed the television genius’s behavior in a suit for sexual harassment.

Here’s a sample of Ailes’ smooth come-on to Carlson (and presumably others): “I think you and I should have had a sexual relationship a long time ago and then you’d be good and better and I’d be good and better.” In the “Locker room talk – beauty pageant” segment - of his harassment, Ailes bragged to Carlson that he had slept with three former Miss Americas, although not her.

Carlson’s fellow anchor Megyn Kelly apparently backed up the Ailes harassment narrative in interviews with 21st Century Fox Corporation lawyers. At least a dozen Fox News women alleged that Ailes harassed them, groped them and that some had affairs with him. At his direction, the company reportedly paid millions of dollars over many years to settle sexual harassment claims out of the public eye.

Watch Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace closely as he handles this portion of the third debate. When the Ailes charges broke, Chris Wallace said: “In almost 50 years in the news business, Roger Ailes is the best boss I’ve ever had.”

        4. Donald Trump Batting Clean-up.

Stay Tuned. There will be more beyond “just words.” Nothing about his behavior has changed in 11 years or six decades. Just ask Melania, his third wife about her fear that he will treat her the way he handled his last two wives and shame her publicly as well as give her a cheapskate settlement, per their pre-nuptial agreement.

Maybe in lieu of his tax returns, Trump will agree to unseal his divorce settlements to put to rest the argument that his wives thought he was a sexual predator and a penny-pincher.

        5. Julian Assange – Leaker-in-Chief, Russian Surrogate, Sex Crimes Fugitive.

The WikiLeaks boss has been hiding out in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for years to escape extradition to Sweden on charges of alleged sexual harassment and rape. Assange also fears extradition to the United States. Once upon a time, it was easy to believe his claim that he was being framed by the U.S. government on trumped up sexual improprieties charges for his role in leaking documents taken by Edward Snowden.

Today, with Assange and WikiLeaks releasing documents from the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign that are believed to have been stolen by Russian government-backed hackers and fed to him, it may be in order to re-examine the sexual harassment charges against him.

According to his Wikipedia profile, Assange is accused of committing several sex-related crimes against two different women during a visit to Sweden in August 2010. He was wanted for questioning in Sweden over two counts of sexual molestation, one count of unlawful coercion and one count of "lesser-degree rape."

        6. Marco Rubio – The Senator Campaigning for “Most Desperately Hanging onto Trump.”

Despite being dismissed as “Little Marco” by Trump during the Republican primaries, the senator from Florida may be a fellow pussy hound. How do we know that about Rubio?

The mainstream media missed it, but in one of the earliest dirty tricks of the 2016 race, the New York Observer, the newspaper owned by Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner, published what it called an exclusive exposé of Rubio’s secret sex and business life. In case you missed the story published on Jan. 16, 2016, here is The New York Observer headline: “The Senator's three houses, various lady friends, assorted con artist pals and piles of unexplained income.”

        7. Bill O’Reilly – Chief Trump Rationalizer. 

As Trump was securing the Republican nomination for President, O’Reilly was telling the world not to worry too much about extreme positions from his old friend Donald Trump. The host of “The O’Reilly Factor,” Fox’s top show, had a simple explanation. The rhetoric coming from Trump was just “words” and his position on issues was almost certain to change regularly. In 2004, O’Reilly was sued for sexual harassment by a female producer who worked for him at Fox News.

Ultimately, the host of “The O’Reilly Factor” settled for several million dollars. This year, O’Reilly was identified again as a harasser by former anchor Andrea Tantaros in the course of her suit directed against Ailes and Fox News.

O’Reilly’s on air advice to Trump has been this: “Trump's only chance at winning the presidency is to stay on message. America is in decline and he can fix it. If he fights everyone who comes after him, he will lose.”

        8. Roger Stone – Trump’s Dirty Trickster-in-Chief, the man most likely to put pine tar on the bat.

Stone began earning his reputation as a world class sleaze early as a dirty trickster for Richard Nixon’s 1968 presidential campaign. He is a proud protégé of former Trump lawyer Roy Cohn, and has long been an adversary of the Clintons. Stone in 2008 founded Citizens United Not Timid, an anti-Hillary Clinton non-profit political group with an intentionally obscene acronym (CUNT). In 2015, Stone put out a slim book called “The Clintons’ War on Women,” in which he argues that former President Bill Clinton sexually assaulted numerous women and Hillary Clinton tried to cover it up for him by harassing her husband’s accusers. This line of gutter-driven argument has emerged as Donald Trump’s campaign strategy, notably during the second debate, two days after the video of Trump the Groper was released.  

Stone himself was forced to resign as a senior advisor to the “Bob Dole for President” campaign in 1996 as a result of what he claimed at the time was a political dirty trick.

Later, Stone gave a different story to New Yorker writer Jeffrey Toobin, who wrote: “Stone served as a senior consultant to Bob Dole’s 1996 campaign for President, but that assignment ended in a characteristic conflagration. The National Enquirer, in a story headlined “Top Dole Aide Caught in Group-Sex Ring,” reported that the Stones had apparently run personal ads in a magazine called Local Swing Fever and on a Web site that had been set up with (his wife) Nydia’s credit card. “Hot, insatiable lady and her handsome body builder husband, experienced swingers, seek similar couples or exceptional muscular … single men,” the ad on the Web site stated. The ads sought athletes and military men, while discouraging overweight candidates, and included photographs of the Stones. At the time, Stone claimed that he had been set up by a “very sick individual,” but he was forced to resign from Dole’s campaign. Stone acknowledged to me that the ads were authentic. “When that whole thing hit the fan in 1996, the reason I gave a blanket denial was that my grandparents were still alive,” he said. “I’m not guilty of hypocrisy. I’m a libertarian and a libertine.”

        9. Senator Ted Cruz – The “98-pound weakling” and anti-women’s rights monster.

After finishing as the first runner-up in the race to be the nastiest Republican presidential nominee ever, Trump supporter “Lying Ted Cruz” in September said he decided to endorse the candidate after “many months of careful consideration, of prayer and searching my own conscience.” 

Maybe God guided Cruz to overlook the repeated denigration of his wife Heidi by Trump.  It also must have been easy for Cruz to forgive the Trump dirty tricks team for suggesting to the National Enquirer that Cruz’s father somehow had something to do with the assassination of John F. Kennedy. (Could these be the same guys who brought Carly Fiorina’s alleged plastic surgery to the attention of the National Enquirer?)

Could it be that Cruz, the hardcore leader of the anti-woman’s right campaign in the U.S. Senate and in Texas, was grateful that the Trump dirty tricks team laid off him?

Trump’s crew did no more about Cruz’s rumored five extra-marital affairs than suggest that Marco Rubio’s guys must have planted that story. In fairness to Cruz, it apparently was not solid enough to merit coverage in Trump’s son-in-law’s paper, The New York Observer, which had done a hatchet job on Rubio.

(For those who prefer a football, rather than baseball, line-up.)

        10. Corey Lewandowski.

Before he was fired as Trump’s campaign manager after five months and hired to be an apologist for Trump by CNN, Lewandowski was not nearly famous enough to get away with behaving according to Trump’s rule that celebrity protects pussy grabbers from public scorn or prosecution. Of course, Lewandowski only grabbed a female reporter by the arm, then denied it, despite videotape evidence to the contrary. Ironically, the female reporter worked the rightwing Breitbart News Network website and its boss Steve Bannon (see No. 2 in the line-up) before she was fired. Various media reports also said that Lewandowski was extremely foul-mouthed while addressing the campaign staffers who reported to him.

        11. Vladimir Putin.

The 63-year-old Russian strongman grabs countries and, like the Trump magnet, every woman he touches apparently finds him irresistible. They are pleased to let him get away with everything. News accounts say that Putin has had at least one child out of wedlock with Alina Kabaeva, a former Russian Olympic team rhythmic gymnast and (Duma) Parliament member.  Her latest job is as a high-ranking official in Russian Sports Propaganda, a job that no doubt has her denying charges of widespread doping among the Russian Olympic teams.

In April 2016, Page Six gossip columnist Richard Johnson, of Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post, reported that Putin’s new girl friend is a 23-year-old Russian beauty pageant queen.

Johnson wrote: “My Russian sources say he is dating Alisa Khurcheva, 23, who posed as “Miss April” in an erotic calendar dedicated to Putin’s birthday in 2010 shortly after she graduated from high school. 

Two years later, she sent Putin another birthday greeting in a blog titled “Pussy for Putin,” in which the brunette beauty posed suggestively with a cat and a portrait of her beloved leader.

So what are we to make of all this locker room behavior? Is it all just talk? Let women be the judge.

And for sports gambling fans, what’s the over/under on the number of women who will emerge by Election Day (Nov. 8) to say Trump groped them? My guess is 14, or at least two touchdowns and two extra points. As I have been writing the number has been rising so fast, it could be three touchdowns.

If you prefer teenage slang and baseball metaphors for your Locker Room scorecard, I will not be surprised if at least a dozen women will emerge to say Trump tried to get to “second or third base” with them.

That’s not “just words, folks.”

(And that’s not counting the “home runs,” since I will give him the benefit of the doubt that if he got that far, there may have been consent.)