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Senior Contributor:
, Nautilus,,
Newsweek, The Daily Beast &
Specializing in stories about complex white-collar crime, corporate ethics, terrorism and international economic, political and scientific subjects.  

Appearances: CBS, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, Fox News Channel, Fox Business News, Sirius Radio, NPR.  Special Hurricane Sandy coverage for DW TV, German television English channel.


Bloomberg News
Television Business Investigative Correspondent
Financial investigative reporter for television, radio and print specializing in reporting complex white collar crime, including Bernard Madoff and other Ponzi schemes. Extensive coverage of AIG collapse; New York Attorney Generals Andrew Cuomo and Eliot Spitzer court cases against former NYSE CEO Richard Grasso, Maurice "Hank" Greenberg, Marsh McLennan and others. Federal court coverage includes trials of WorldCom CEO Bernard Ebbers; Adelphia Chairman John Rigas and family; Sotheby's CEO Alfred Taubman and Martha Stewart. Scoops include uncovering $500 million in fake bonds created by Refco and Bawag Bank that was part of the collapse of the biggest commodities trading firm. Extensive exclusive investigations of counterfeit drugs and worldwide smuggling rings. Half-hour Specials with Arnold Palmer & Jack Nicklaus.

CNN / CNN fn
Anchor/Senior Correspondent
Coverage of leading daily stories and investigations, primarily for “Moneyline with Lou Dobbs” and other CNN broadcasts. Major long- term beats include terrorism, corporate corruption, white-collar crime, financial markets and misdeeds, tobacco and gambling. Also political campaign finance and defense stories, including Chinese spying on U.S. nuclear programs. Special investigations including: Osama Bin Laden terrorism network; corporate corruption: Tyco, WorldCom, Enron, ImClone/Martha Stewart, etc.; Marc Rich; Sen. Robert Torricelli; EL AL plane crash in Netherlands and after–effects of cargo that included nerve gas components.

Business Investigative Correspondent
Stories appeared on “World News Tonight with Peter Jennings,” “Business World With Sander Vanocur,”, “Nightline With Ted Koppel,” “Prime Time Live,” “World News Weekend,” “ABC Morning News” and ABC radio networks. Specialized in uncovering and examining complex white-collar crime cases. Major subjects included: Clinton Whitewater land deals; World Trade Center terrorist network; Rep. Dan Rostenkowski; Waco aftermath; Indian gambling casinos; Ross Perot airport deal; BCCI and BNL scandals; various savings and loan stories including Charles Keating and senators he influenced; Rep. Jim Wright and his hidden oil wells; Michael Milken; Donald Trump; Neil Bush.


Senior Editor
, based in New York (3/87–7/88);
Associate Editor (7/85–3/87) Coverage included Iranian arms smuggling; international narcotics trade; worldwide money laundering; exotic tax shelters; politics and economies in the Caribbean and Latin America. Created Forbes Top 40 Richest Entertainers Annual Edition. Stories on large companies.
International Correspondent
in Washington, D.C. (10/81–7/85)
Defense stories and economic and political reports from Guatemala, Jamaica, Kenya, Liberia, Nicaragua. Major pieces included: “Beltway Bandits” about companies around Washington; General Dynamics and Admiral Rickover; Native American business in Alaska; Teamsters Union under Jackie Presser.

National Staff Writer (11/79–8/81)
Covered the Justice Department, House and Senate Judiciary Committees, the Federal Election Commission, the intelligence community and breaking national stories, including Billy Carter and Libya.
Metropolitan Staff Writer (12/73–10/79)
Beats included local governments, federal and state courts, trials of Maryland Governor Marvin Mandel. Special investigations: the CIA and domestic spying; organized crime control of pornography; agricultural pollution of Chesapeake Bay.

Editor/reporter, sports editor, state capitol bureau chief, investigator, editorial writer, columnist, photographer, local reporter.


Master of Studies in Law, 1981. Ford Foundation Fellow in Journalism. Honors: Corporate Finance, Criminal Law, International Law I & II.

Master of Science in Journalism, 1970. (M.Sci.J. Awarded 1972)

Bachelor of Arts, 1969. Major in American History.


Guardian Award” for a lifetime of reporting about financial fraud. Presented by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners before my featured speech at the ACFE Convention in Las Vegas, June 2013

Deadline Club Awards Finalist, New York City chapter, the Society of Professional Journalists (2011): Online Spot News Reporting, The Daily Beast, Madoff breaking news coverage

Gerald Loeb Award, UCLA Anderson School of Management (2002): “Best Financial Reporting on Television” for “The Money Trail,” a series of reports on terrorism financing.

Two Emmy Awards, The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences: (2002): Part of the CNN team on continuing coverage of “Attack on America” (1992): News/Documentary Award for “Outstanding General Coverage of a Single Breaking News Story (Programs), “Peter Jennings Reporting: Who is Ross Perot?”

Two National Headliner Awards:
(2002): “Best Continuing Coverage” for “Attack on America,”
(2000): “Best Newscast,” second place, for “Microsoft Findings,” a “Moneyline” report on the news breaking from court.

Sigma Delta Chi Award - The Deadline Club, New York City chapter, the Society of Professional Journalists (1998): Citation for Outstanding Coverage of a single topic: Tobacco.

Six Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild Front Page Awards (1975–1980)

Two Alaska Press Club Awards: “Best News Story of the Year” (1972, 1973)


The Society of Silurians:
President: June 2013–June 2015. 
First Vice President: 2012.
Member of the Board of Governors: 2011–2015

Overseas Press Club of America:
OPC Global Parachute Project Founder/CEO (2011–).
OPC President (2008–2010). Vice President and Treasurer (2008–2004). Vice President & Awards Committee Chairman (1990-1996). Awards Committee Judge (1997–present and 1987–1989).
OPC Foundation Governor (1990–present).

National Press Club: Frederick Hood Awards Co-chairman (1983–1984).
Also contest judge for: Detroit Press Club, Milwaukee Press Club, Pittsburgh Press Club, Society of Silurians (New York), Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild.

Featured Expert/Contributor
“In God We Trust,” a documentary about Bernard Madoff.
World Premiere  2013 Tribeca Film Festival

Consulting Producer: Live Star Entertainment in Association with ESPN Films presents: “Renée”, a film directed by Eric Drath. Premiered at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival

Other Clubs: New York Financial Writers’ Association, Society of Professional Journalists-Sigma Delta Chi, National Press Club, White House Correspondents Association (during Washington years)

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